Furry Fit

  • FurryFit the saviour helps in early detection of your pet’s unusual activities and behaviour!

  • Constantly worried about losing your Furry Friend? Not anymore with the live GPS tracking feature of FurryFit.

  • Stay carefree, as a single charge provides upto 20 days of battery.

Furry fit

Customized Meal

  • Your furr-friends will relish our nutritious meals, custom-made for them to suit their needs.

  • With regular delivery at your doorstep, you’ll never run out of your pet’s favorite food.

  • Only human grade ingredients are used to prepare your furr’s food!

Intelligent Healthcare

  • Monthly health reports, generated via Artificial Intelligence, makes your best-furrend’s fitness tracking easy.

  • Enjoy regular, scheduled vet visits, in the comfort of your home.

  • Forget about your pet’s vaccine schedule - our Intelligent health monitoring system has it all covered.

Intelligent Healthcare
Pet Grooming

Style it like a star

  • Other furries will whistle and stare, seeing your Furry Friend’s pawfect hair.

  • Be relaxed, pet parents! While we clean, we follow utmost hygiene.

  • Relax and enjoy our pawsome services right at your doorstep as well as the salon of your choice.